GeneriCo, LLC announced today the formation of the company and launched its website at

St. Louis, MO – June 1, 2013

GeneriCo is a technology driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of specialty generic drugs. The company is founded by industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience in the development, manufacturing, and sales/marketing of both branded and generic pharmaceutical products. The founding team has serial successes in the US markets with over $200 million on recent product launches.

GeneriCo leverages its core competency of drug delivery technologies to bring difficult-to-make generic drugs to the targeted markets. The expertise of the founding team allows GeneriCo to adopt a unique and exclusive collaborator strategy to create products while avoiding expensive investment in all the aspects of drug development. As of today, GeneriCo is in late stage negotiations with a number of carefully chosen formulation and manufacturing partners for the implementation of its first wave product pipeline.

“Our unique segmentation strategy incorporating a hard to copy formulation, unique drug delivery formats, and a global network of exclusive collaborate solutions provides significant barriers to competition. As such, our products will typically enjoy much longer periods in the market without facing additional generic competitors.” commented Thomas Brya, President / CEO, and co-founder of GeneriCo, “Our first wave pipeline products currently target a total $1.5 billion set of markets in annual sales. We have also begun initial work on a second wave of products with another $1-2 billion of targeted markets.”

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