Collaboration is at the Heart GeneriCo's Business Model

GeneriCo, uniquely, has attracted a global array of strong collaborators via a shared success approach; to develop and bring to market uncompromising quality and value generic drugs through best-in-class expertise, talent and technology to help improve people's lives.

Due to this unique approach, GeneriCo's collaborations yield consistent drug development success with uncompromising pursuit of quality.

GeneriCo Brings Extensive Know-How to Drug Development

The GeneriCo leadership team represents significant depth and breadth of experience within the global pharmaceutical and generic drug industry. Their expertise, over 200 cumulative years, combined with consistent success in the industry, has brought together a highly skilled leadership team.

Business, scientific and technical expertise from around the world have been brought together to develop and bring to market, specialty generic drugs. Integration between R&D, manufacturing, Quality & Regulatory and Sales and Marketing, helps deliver seamless and stellar quality drugs within our portfolio, and customer service.

We Are a Global Company

Our collaboration model has attracted a global team of exceptionally talented and experienced leaders and scientist with consistent success in pharmaceuticals and generics. This global team is committed to bring difficult to make generic drugs to the US and worldwide market.

The best-in-class team has resulted in a footprint that includes Asia, India, EU and the US. Our pipeline and collaborative partners will continue to expand globally to meet our customers needs and ultimately, to have a positive impact on the quality of people's lives.